Promotional Collection–5 Stories for only .99!!!

Be sure to check out the promotional book, Erotica Collection–5 Spicy Sex Stories! It is only .99 and includes a title from Lane Masters, Piper Brooks, Lea Fox, Brooke Masters, and Eva Masters!

In this collection:

Amy and Derek spice up their love life by bringing a sizzling hot new man into their bed. Amanda finds the steamy heat of a hot tub the perfect place for seduction. Two friends find out whether or not a late night encounter in a dark hotel room can rekindle the flame that was never quite extinguished. Emlyn surrenders to an uncontrollable desire—regardless of the fact that her new lover is a werewolf. And Mattie is faced with the choice of giving in to the farm hand’s demand to let him spank her and have his way with her or having her embarrassing secret revealed.

This selection pairs nicely with a glass of wine and your favorite toy. Savor the delightfully spicy flavor and an after bite that will leave you heated to your bones!

Warning: This collection of erotic stories is for readers over 18 only!

Erotica collectionb

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