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Heating Things Up

Does the thought of sex with your long term partner get you about as wet as the Mojave Desert in July? Does your guy get as hard as a wet noodle when you put on your over-sized t-shirt and sweats? Sounds like it is time for a little inspiration!

Possible solutions:

1. Have an affair. Yes, this will get rid of that old stuck in a rut feeling and inspire you to think out of the box. On the other hand, your significant other will probably object to this solution, and a divorce might not be exactly what you are looking for. All in all, this might not be the best suggestion! Now that I have your attention…

2. Spice things up! Sure it takes a bit of work sometimes, but it can be so worth it. Try experimenting. Have you and your partner ever played with sex toys? Why not? Doing something a little bit naughty together can really get get your motor going!

3. Think out of the box. That scarf you got for Christmas last year could make a wonderful blind fold. And ties can be used for…tying. If you have never used an ice cube in bed–try it! I thought it would be uncomfortable, but it really got me wet where I wanted to be. And sucking on a mental cough drop before…um…hitting your knees can heat things up, too.

4. Rent a room. You don’t even need to go far–just down the road will do. And it doesn’t have to be the top of the line suite at the Ritz, either. (Although if you want to go all out, springing for a Jacuzzi room can really liven things up.) Just getting away for the night from the kids, the pets, and the same old routine can work wonders!

5. Read something hot together. Okay, so I might be a bit biased on this one. But it works. I remember the first time I read something sexy to my significant. Thank heavens we were already in bed. If we had been out in public we would have probably embarrassed ourselves!

Here’s hoping you find your inspiration!


Sweet Dreams!!!

I just read an interesting tweet. Apparently, if you sleep faced down, your odds of having erotic dreams go up. Now, I have no idea if this would actually stand up to real, honest-to-God scientific research.

But my first thought was, “So, that’s what I have been doing right all this time!” 😉

Sweet Dreams, everyone!


Help welcome our newest authors, Zoe Ash and Darcy Summers!

We are happy to announce that one of our our new author, Zoe Ash has 4 short, sexy stories available on Amazon!  Zoe is a Southern girl at heart living the beach life in Florida.  She enjoys writing during the week and making short day trips on the weekends.  An obsessive reader, she has found her artistic calling in writing short story erotica.  Zoe’s stories feature strong hot men and a bit of pain mixed with a lot of pleasure.  So, if you love a little (or a lot!) of pain mixed with your pleasure, Zoe’s writing style is for you.

Darcy Summers has one short story available on Amazon, another scheduled to be released at the first of next week and three more stories in the works!  Darcy is a recent transplant to the east coast from the Deep South.  She has always loved reading and writing, though her writing has always before been a hidden passion.  Now ready to share with other readers, Darcy enjoys writing erotic stories about mothers with a romantic twist.  Whether the story is about making babies or breastfeeding (breeding or lactation) you can bet it will have a sexy guy that is totally in to his woman!

New Interracial Bundle

The brand new bundle is finally out! It combines the interracial, double-team stories that I have been putting out over the last few months. I hope you enjoy!

Hot Chocolate and Vanilla: Erotic Interracial Threesomes

***Three hot interracial menage stories with bonus story, Double-teamed in the Desert. Get the stories you love at a price your pocket book will appreciate!

Spice up your evening (or any time you please!) with three hot, sexy stories by erotica author, Lane Masters. In this bundle:

Seducing Soldiers: An Interracial/Breeding/Double-team. When Haley goes to a military bar to pick up a hot, young stud to help her make a baby, she expects to seduce an attractive man and take him back to her hotel room. To her surprise and delight, not one but two sexy, black guys hit on her at the same time. Pushing her nervousness and inhibitions aside, she decides to let go and let nature take its course. Being bred by two incredibly powerful men is just too good to pass up!

Class Reunion: An Interracial Threesome. An innocent trip to the old swimming hole reunites Kim with two hot, black guys she always had a crush on. Now that she has their attention, what will she do to keep it?

Abby’s Dark Double-Team: Interracial Erotica. Always the quiet one in any crowd, Abby has kept a secret fantasy–to be taken hard and fast by two big, black men at once! Now, the bad luck of roof damage from a hurricane has brought fortune to her doorstep. Two powerful, sexy, black guys show up to pound her roof, but they stick around to pound into Abby, too!

Plus Bonus Story, Double Penetration in the Desert: An Interracial Cuckold Story. When Melissa and her husband, Greg, find themselves stuck in the middle of nowhere with a broken down car and no money, they have very few options except to work out a deal with the hot and sexy, black repair men. The two men put their tools to work, giving Melissa a vacation she will never forget!