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New Sizzling Werewolf Romance

The hot, new paranormal story is out!

Primal power clashes with instinctive need. Unbidden desire ravages the world around them. Nicolai and Emlyn find passion and love even as a mortal enemy seeks to steal it all.

No one should be able to penetrate the stronghold of Nicolai’s ancestral home. But despite his protections, he returns home from a hunt and finds a young, human woman asleep in his library, her clothes drying in front of the fire. Even more astonishing is his overwhelming desire to take and make her his, right then and there.

When Emlyn awakens, still terrified from her late night escape through the forest, she is captivated by the strong man standing in front of her. She has no way of knowing the man before her is not human at all. But human or not, she cannot fight the instant arousal in her veins.

All too soon, instinctive passion must be set aside as the enemy seeks to destroy them. Somehow, Nicolai must keep Emlyn’s heart, even as she discovers the truth about him.

This sizzling short romance story will melt your heart and heat you to the core. Come enter the world of Lane Master’s paranormal romance!

“Who are you?” Her voice was almost unrecognizable to her own ears, and she felt like she was speaking from some place far away, the nervousness nearly more than she could stand.
“My name is Nicolai.”
She relaxed slightly at his words, shifting in her chair, the change in position giving a different view of the cleavage he was lusting after. He had to force the animal inside to loosen its grip, the desire to seize her and stamp her with his scent nearly over-powering. He suddenly realized just how aroused he was, the rigid shaft pushing painfully at the restricting cloth of his pants. He was so hard, so ready, and he wanted to take her more than he had ever wanted anything on earth.
Emlyn became aware that her breathing was heavy, her eyes still widened with apprehension. The stranger towered over her, emanating a strength she had not found in any man before. He looked powerful, as if he held the spirit of the forest in him, as if the very wind moved at his command.
Emlyn shook her head at the foggy thoughts filling her mind. The men chasing her had been so close, but deep in the forest she had found a stream and traveled through the water for over a mile, confusing the dogs hunting her.
Eventually, she had managed to leave them behind, and after that, she had run through the trees, trying to survive, hoping wolves would not slaughter her before she collapsed. Stumbling on this huge house had been a Godsend, one she had not questioned but simply accepted. Stripping her clothes off and laying them by the fire had seemed a good idea when she was cold and wet, the quilt warm and comforting. She found bread in the cupboard and a mint tea refreshed her spirit as well. But now, this man, obviously the owner of the fortress, stood before her, his very presence demanding every attention.
As her eyes ran over his body, lightning strokes of attraction flashed through her. She drank in his hardness, his total masculinity, and with a faint flush of embarrassment she realized she had been far too long without a man. Here she was, lost, alone, and with an utter stranger. Had her husband still been alive, maybe she would not have been so captivated by this raven-haired man. If she had any welcome suitors, or a secret lover to wait in the darkness for her, perhaps she would not have felt this immediate wetness between her thighs. But she was a young widow, with no lover, and this man in front of her looked like every girl’s dream. Strong, masculine, powerful.
While the quilt draped over her covered her modestly, it did nothing to camouflage the womanly curves Nicolai knew had to be underneath. His heart was pounding hard in his chest, his breath ragged, fists clenched at his side.


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