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Interracial Ride: Hot Interracial Erotica!

Another hot new interracial erotic story by Lane!

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Two irresistibly-hot, black athletes. One tempted young woman. All of them giving in to one undeniable passion!

The idea of being with two hard, black men at once was just a fantasy. It could never happen. Not really. Not to Lexie. Or so she thought until Jason and Steve showed up in the nick of time to help her out… in more ways than one!

She blinked suddenly, aware of the heavy silence and intent stare of both men. They glanced at each other, wordlessly communicating, and then turned back to her with cocky grins on their faces. Grins that told her they knew exactly what she was thinking.
“How about we get that tire changed for you…” Steve drew the word out, and she realized that they didn’t even know her name.
“Lexie.” Her voice was so soft even she could barely hear it. She gulped down her nervousness and then tried again. “My name is Lexie. Thank you. I really appreciate your help.”
“Well, Lexie,” Jason said as he opened her door. “Maybe after we change that tire, you can…um… show us just how much you appreciate it.” He winked flirtatiously, his eyes straying down to the hint of cleavage revealed by her sleeveless top.
Lexie gasped at the blatant innuendo in his tone and comment. But apparently her hormones and libido had taken control, despite the shock her mind was swimming in. “That would be…wonderful,” she heard herself whisper, despite the rational part of her mind swimming in complete terror at what she was agreeing to.
With the push of a button, she popped open the trunk and then slid from the driver’s seat. Both of the guys grinned, now blatantly roving their eyes over her body. “Oh yeah,” Steve murmured.

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