Lane Masters is a freelance author living the life in sunny Florida. Always a lover of romance and a good story, Lane has found her true calling in writing erotica. She writes hot, steamy, romantic erotica across a variety of genres, with a special emphasis on the unusual or forbidden pleasures, the kinds of fantasies that people enjoy but seldom voice to one another.

Brooke Masters always knew she was destined to be a writer, but it was only when she discovered erotic romance that she knew she had found her niche. Powerful men and strong women characterize her stories, and she enjoys featuring fantasy elements as well.

Lea Fox is a free-lance author who enjoys soaking up the sun in her home state of Florida. Lea enjoys travel, photography, and spinning spicy stories with lusty women and brawny, horny men. Lea’s focus is on taboo relationships, so you might want to avoid her pages if you are easily offended!

Zoe Ash is a Southern girl at heart living the beach life in Florida.  She enjoys writing during the week and making short day trips on the weekends.  An obsessive reader, she has found her artistic calling in writing short story erotica.  Zoe’s stories feature strong hot men and a bit of pain mixed with a lot of pleasure.  So, if you love a little (or a lot!) of pain mixed with your pleasure, Zoe’s writing style is for you.

Darcy Summers  is a recent transplant to the east coast from the Deep South.  She has always loved reading and writing, though her writing has always before been a hidden passion.  Now ready to share with other readers, Darcy enjoys writing erotic stories about mothers with a romantic twist.  Whether the story is about making babies or breastfeeding (breeding or lactation) you can bet it will have a sexy guy that is totally in to his woman!

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