Going All the Way with Google Play!

Seductive Stories is pleased to announce that we will be testing the waters on the Google Play store. Our first title up, For My Husband’s Promotion, should be live within a few days! This is for all you erotica and erotic romance fans out there who would like to be able to read steamy stories on your phone or other Google device!

Updates to follow soon…

The Billionaire’s Belt is in the Top 20!

I am so thrilled with my naughty little romance! The Billionaire’s Belt continues to hang out in the top 20 of Women’s Fiction in Short Stories on Amazon. It is a spicy little novella (novelette?), and I had a ton of fun writing it. But I went back and took another look at it this morning, and I have to admit it is even more fun to read! 😉

The Billionaire’s Belt

Hot little steamy romance!


This steamy little short story blends a hot boss, sizzling spanking, melt-your-bones sex, and a little bit of love!

Here is the blurb on Amazon:

Dominance. Passion. Hearts entangled.
Gavin has always seemed both dark and intense to Leslie. But when one afternoon’s heat and stormy conflict escalate into a him using his belt in ways she had never imagined, Leslie finds her heart heating up, right along with her bottom!

Enjoy this hot and steamy dominance romance from Lane Masters tonight!

It should be up on Nook and Apple pretty soon. I have submitted to both, and I expect Nook will roll it out in the next day or two. Apple takes a little while longer, but hopefully it won’t be too long!

Interracial Ride: Hot Interracial Erotica!

Another hot new interracial erotic story by Lane!

Interracial Ride on Amazon


Two irresistibly-hot, black athletes. One tempted young woman. All of them giving in to one undeniable passion!

The idea of being with two hard, black men at once was just a fantasy. It could never happen. Not really. Not to Lexie. Or so she thought until Jason and Steve showed up in the nick of time to help her out… in more ways than one!

She blinked suddenly, aware of the heavy silence and intent stare of both men. They glanced at each other, wordlessly communicating, and then turned back to her with cocky grins on their faces. Grins that told her they knew exactly what she was thinking.
“How about we get that tire changed for you…” Steve drew the word out, and she realized that they didn’t even know her name.
“Lexie.” Her voice was so soft even she could barely hear it. She gulped down her nervousness and then tried again. “My name is Lexie. Thank you. I really appreciate your help.”
“Well, Lexie,” Jason said as he opened her door. “Maybe after we change that tire, you can…um… show us just how much you appreciate it.” He winked flirtatiously, his eyes straying down to the hint of cleavage revealed by her sleeveless top.
Lexie gasped at the blatant innuendo in his tone and comment. But apparently her hormones and libido had taken control, despite the shock her mind was swimming in. “That would be…wonderful,” she heard herself whisper, despite the rational part of her mind swimming in complete terror at what she was agreeing to.
With the push of a button, she popped open the trunk and then slid from the driver’s seat. Both of the guys grinned, now blatantly roving their eyes over her body. “Oh yeah,” Steve murmured.

Steam up your Kindle tonight with this hot story by Lane Masters! Only .99–for now!

New Sizzling Werewolf Romance

The hot, new paranormal story is out!

Primal power clashes with instinctive need. Unbidden desire ravages the world around them. Nicolai and Emlyn find passion and love even as a mortal enemy seeks to steal it all.

No one should be able to penetrate the stronghold of Nicolai’s ancestral home. But despite his protections, he returns home from a hunt and finds a young, human woman asleep in his library, her clothes drying in front of the fire. Even more astonishing is his overwhelming desire to take and make her his, right then and there.

When Emlyn awakens, still terrified from her late night escape through the forest, she is captivated by the strong man standing in front of her. She has no way of knowing the man before her is not human at all. But human or not, she cannot fight the instant arousal in her veins.

All too soon, instinctive passion must be set aside as the enemy seeks to destroy them. Somehow, Nicolai must keep Emlyn’s heart, even as she discovers the truth about him.

This sizzling short romance story will melt your heart and heat you to the core. Come enter the world of Lane Master’s paranormal romance!

“Who are you?” Her voice was almost unrecognizable to her own ears, and she felt like she was speaking from some place far away, the nervousness nearly more than she could stand.
“My name is Nicolai.”
She relaxed slightly at his words, shifting in her chair, the change in position giving a different view of the cleavage he was lusting after. He had to force the animal inside to loosen its grip, the desire to seize her and stamp her with his scent nearly over-powering. He suddenly realized just how aroused he was, the rigid shaft pushing painfully at the restricting cloth of his pants. He was so hard, so ready, and he wanted to take her more than he had ever wanted anything on earth.
Emlyn became aware that her breathing was heavy, her eyes still widened with apprehension. The stranger towered over her, emanating a strength she had not found in any man before. He looked powerful, as if he held the spirit of the forest in him, as if the very wind moved at his command.
Emlyn shook her head at the foggy thoughts filling her mind. The men chasing her had been so close, but deep in the forest she had found a stream and traveled through the water for over a mile, confusing the dogs hunting her.
Eventually, she had managed to leave them behind, and after that, she had run through the trees, trying to survive, hoping wolves would not slaughter her before she collapsed. Stumbling on this huge house had been a Godsend, one she had not questioned but simply accepted. Stripping her clothes off and laying them by the fire had seemed a good idea when she was cold and wet, the quilt warm and comforting. She found bread in the cupboard and a mint tea refreshed her spirit as well. But now, this man, obviously the owner of the fortress, stood before her, his very presence demanding every attention.
As her eyes ran over his body, lightning strokes of attraction flashed through her. She drank in his hardness, his total masculinity, and with a faint flush of embarrassment she realized she had been far too long without a man. Here she was, lost, alone, and with an utter stranger. Had her husband still been alive, maybe she would not have been so captivated by this raven-haired man. If she had any welcome suitors, or a secret lover to wait in the darkness for her, perhaps she would not have felt this immediate wetness between her thighs. But she was a young widow, with no lover, and this man in front of her looked like every girl’s dream. Strong, masculine, powerful.
While the quilt draped over her covered her modestly, it did nothing to camouflage the womanly curves Nicolai knew had to be underneath. His heart was pounding hard in his chest, his breath ragged, fists clenched at his side.


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The New Billionaire Series

The new billionaire series is out! These sexy, romantic stories are for all of you who are clamoring for stories about hot, passionate, and wildly wealthy guys!

The first in this Sensual Bondage series is

The Billionaire’s Playroom

Breathtaking desire. Irresistible risk. Consuming passion.

Allison finds herself stranded on the road, caught between the oncoming force of a lightning storm and the open car door of billionaire Craig Westford. Which is more dangerous—the man or the storm? The man. Definitely the man.

For this man can awaken unfamiliar feelings inside of her–cravings she never knew she had, passion she has never experienced. Fleeing the storm, she is caught in the Billionaire’s Playroom. And she has no desire to escape.

“Well, I see you found my play room.” The deep voice from behind her made Allison jump sky-high. She turned with a mortified flush rushing to her face.
“I’m… I’m sorry. I was looking for the bathroom and… Well, I thought you were in here.” Allison realized her voice was trembling, and she clenched her fists, trying to get herself under control. Her embarrassment at being caught snooping was almost instantly turned to worry. Would he be able to tell how turned on she was? Would he notice the rapid pounding of the pulse in her throat or the flush of her skin?
Craig’s eyes narrowed. “The restroom is right through there.” His voice was clipped, and Allison knew he had to be aggravated at the obvious invasion of his personal space. Shamefaced, she hung her head.
“I’m… I’m really, really sorry. I know you must think I’m so nosy.” Allison fumbled for what to say. She gestured around her. “This room is really something else. I mean, it’s really cool. I mean…” Allison figured she better shut up before she said something that would really humiliate herself.
Craig raised his eyebrows at her response, slowly looking her over. Allison blushed deeper under his view, aware that goose bumps had broken out over her skin, and she couldn’t quite stop the quivering. Then his eyes narrowed and he took a step toward her. Allison found she was holding her breath.
She looked up into his eyes and felt as if he instantly took her captive. His eyes held hers as he took another step closer. An exhilarating thrill rushed through her, as if she were being approached by wild jaguar. And then, he was close enough to touch her.
Unhurriedly, leisurely he lifted his hand and traced a slow line down the bare skin of her arm. An uncontrollable shudder rushed through her. Nervously, the pink tip of her tongue darted out to moisten her now dry lips. Everything felt surreal, and even though she was filled with curiosity and exhilaration, she couldn’t believe she was letting this happen. This was a step on the wild side, even for her.
“Well, Miss Allison, I do believe you’re actually turned on by what you see in this room.” Slowly, Craig walked around her, and she stood nervously as both of his hands came up to gently stroke her arms from behind. His voice was a low whisper in her ear, and the cool sensation of his breath drove her wild. “Have you ever wanted to ‘play’ like this before?” His hands caressed her skin, and she felt as if her knees would not be able to support her weight. She closed her eyes and slowly shook her head. No.
Craig’s deep chuckle sent a rush through her veins. And she knew. She knew he was going to make he come.

Join Seductive Stories author, Lane Masters, in this erotic journey of Sensual Bondage. Heat up your Kindle with this novellette tonight!


The Billionaire’s Playroom

Heating Things Up

Does the thought of sex with your long term partner get you about as wet as the Mojave Desert in July? Does your guy get as hard as a wet noodle when you put on your over-sized t-shirt and sweats? Sounds like it is time for a little inspiration!

Possible solutions:

1. Have an affair. Yes, this will get rid of that old stuck in a rut feeling and inspire you to think out of the box. On the other hand, your significant other will probably object to this solution, and a divorce might not be exactly what you are looking for. All in all, this might not be the best suggestion! Now that I have your attention…

2. Spice things up! Sure it takes a bit of work sometimes, but it can be so worth it. Try experimenting. Have you and your partner ever played with sex toys? Why not? Doing something a little bit naughty together can really get get your motor going!

3. Think out of the box. That scarf you got for Christmas last year could make a wonderful blind fold. And ties can be used for…tying. If you have never used an ice cube in bed–try it! I thought it would be uncomfortable, but it really got me wet where I wanted to be. And sucking on a mental cough drop before…um…hitting your knees can heat things up, too.

4. Rent a room. You don’t even need to go far–just down the road will do. And it doesn’t have to be the top of the line suite at the Ritz, either. (Although if you want to go all out, springing for a Jacuzzi room can really liven things up.) Just getting away for the night from the kids, the pets, and the same old routine can work wonders!

5. Read something hot together. Okay, so I might be a bit biased on this one. But it works. I remember the first time I read something sexy to my significant. Thank heavens we were already in bed. If we had been out in public we would have probably embarrassed ourselves!

Here’s hoping you find your inspiration!


Sweet Dreams!!!

I just read an interesting tweet. Apparently, if you sleep faced down, your odds of having erotic dreams go up. Now, I have no idea if this would actually stand up to real, honest-to-God scientific research.

But my first thought was, “So, that’s what I have been doing right all this time!” 😉

Sweet Dreams, everyone!


Help welcome our newest authors, Zoe Ash and Darcy Summers!

We are happy to announce that one of our our new author, Zoe Ash has 4 short, sexy stories available on Amazon!  Zoe is a Southern girl at heart living the beach life in Florida.  She enjoys writing during the week and making short day trips on the weekends.  An obsessive reader, she has found her artistic calling in writing short story erotica.  Zoe’s stories feature strong hot men and a bit of pain mixed with a lot of pleasure.  So, if you love a little (or a lot!) of pain mixed with your pleasure, Zoe’s writing style is for you.

Darcy Summers has one short story available on Amazon, another scheduled to be released at the first of next week and three more stories in the works!  Darcy is a recent transplant to the east coast from the Deep South.  She has always loved reading and writing, though her writing has always before been a hidden passion.  Now ready to share with other readers, Darcy enjoys writing erotic stories about mothers with a romantic twist.  Whether the story is about making babies or breastfeeding (breeding or lactation) you can bet it will have a sexy guy that is totally in to his woman!