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The Billionaire’s Belt is in the Top 20!

I am so thrilled with my naughty little romance! The Billionaire’s Belt continues to hang out in the top 20 of Women’s Fiction in Short Stories on Amazon. It is a spicy little novella (novelette?), and I had a ton of fun writing it. But I went back and took another look at it this morning, and I have to admit it is even more fun to read! 😉

New Story–Tied and Spanked for his Birthday

Last night, Mandy told Austin she would let him do anything he wanted for his birthday–and she knew he would choose to spank her. Somehow, in the heat of the moment, that forbidden fantasy had actually turned her on. Now, as Mandy is about to walk into Austin’s house and learn exactly what he intends, questions fill her mind. And the question that bothers her the most, that completely terrifies her, is–how much will it turn her on?


Shanna’s Initiation

As a new slave on Master Donavan’s yacht, Shanna knows there will be some sort of initiation. But the pain and pleasure she finds are far more than what she expected! Can she endure the agony Master puts her through and pass this first test?

Warning: This story contains graphic depictions of sexual domination and sex. Intended for mature readers only, and may be objectionable to some!